Patrick AllenMy name is Patrick Allen, and I’m passionate about music, art, and theater. I grew up in Pennsylvania (PA) and I started acting and singing at a young age. I love all genes when it comes to art, for example, I like contemporary art and abstract art. I took a lot of art classes in high school and some in college too. I also love creating music and singing, and I was in a band with friends in high school, which was a lot of fun! Music can bring people of many different backgrounds and ages together, which I find to be very fascinating.

I enjoy playing and listening to both mainstream music and music by less-known artists and bands. I like all types of music, but some of my favorite genres of music are rock, r&b music, hip-hop, and jazz. However, I constantly find myself listening to other genres of music that I’m not as familiar with (i.e. techno, trance, and house music), and I’m guilty of spending a lot of my free time surfing the internet to discover new bands, artists, and songs. I took chorus and theater up until college, so I enjoy singing and acting. I did do some minor acting and singing performances in college, but I spent most of my time studying and hanging out with friends. Now, I act, sing, paint, and draw when I have free time, which is basically on the weekend and during the week a few times a month.

My love for music, arts, and entertainment inspired me to start this blog. I designed this blog to share my take on what’s going on locally in PA and nationally when it comes to arts and entertainment. I wanted to share my insights on bands, artists, actors, and more! Follow my website to learn more about specific genres of music, art, and theater productions. Let me know if you have any questions that you’d like me to answer when it comes to the arts, entertainment industry, and music industry.