3 Balloon Decorating Trends Made Famous on Pinterest

Pinterest has become the go to website for decorating and crafting professionals to showcase their personal creations. It may have started with flowers and home DIY crafts, but it has expanded and now includes thousands of ideas and images for decorating with air filled balloons. These balloon crafters often buy wholesale latex balloons in many styles and colors to create their masterpieces.

Here are 3 balloon decorating ideas currently trending online.

1) Balloon garlands: Garlands in a variety of colors and shapes are becoming a popular decorating accessory at many parties and weddings. Some of the prettiest designs mix together foil balloons, heart shaped balloons and complimentary fresh or silk flowers, to match the wedding colors. There was one design posted that really caught my eye because the latex balloons were designed to look like pearls. What a creative concept!

As you peruse the images on Pinterest, you’ll notice several popular color trends for balloon garlands. Those used for wedding decorations are most commonly pearl white, pale pink, pale peach and gold. Those used at birthday parties are often bright rainbow colors, like red, green, blue and yellow. Wholesale latex balloons used to welcome a new baby are often a mix of pastel colors.

2) Balloon letters and numbers: Balloons are not just round. Air filled balloon letters in different colors and materials are a unique way to showcase your message on a wall or banner. You could use the letters X and O on Valentines Day. You could spell out happy birthday, a name and age for a fun party decoration.

There are several, fun balloon letter phrases posted on Pinterest. These include balloons that spelled out “Friyay”, “Girl Gang” and “Friendsgiving”. If you stock up on wholesale latex balloons, the design options are endless!

3) Personalized: Another popular trend that is showcased on Pinterest is personalized balloons. Decorators order balloons online with personalized messages such as names, dates or quotes. These messages are printed directly on the latex balloon and are easy to read once the products are inflated. This is a great way to make the decorations very personal for the occasion.

Balloon enthusiasts can also order latex balloons in a variety of custom shapes such as animals, food or plants.

In addition, you can even hold on to the decorations after the party is over. Latex balloons that are filled with helium, can remain inflated for between 12 to 20 hours. Air filled balloons can last for many weeks.

Do you need design inspiration for using balloon decorations at your next party? Try a balloon garland, balloon words or personalized balloons. They are sure to be a big hit with partygoers.

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