5 Steps to Throwing a Winning Super Bowl Party

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Do you have plans on Sunday, February 1st at approximately 3:30pm pacific time? Chances are, you are going to be parked in front of the television to watch the Super Bowl at that time. Whether you are a giant football buff, are you just in it for the commercials, the Super Bowl is an American staple we all look forward to.

If you are one of the 43 million people who are planning to host a Super Bowl viewing party this February 1st, we’ve put together a quick guide of Superbowl party must-haves:

  1. Comfortable Home Theater Seating
    A key component in your guests’ Super Bowl enjoyment is their comfort level. Even if you have a giant TV and snacks that Martha Stewart would be jealous of, if your guests are crammed onto a love seat, sitting too close to an overzealous fan who elbows them in the face with every touchdown celebration, the experience will not be enjoyed. You don’t have to invest a huge amount in premiere home theater seating; most Super Bowl home entertainment experts just suggest arranging the chairs and couches involved in your home theater seating in a staggered pattern so that everyone gets a good view of Beyonce and Coldplay’s first ever performance of their joint song, ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ during the halftime show.

    To make room for your Super Bowl home theater seating, it’s not a bad idea to remove any unnecessary furniture. And anything you don’t want broken by the aforementioned overzealous fan’s touchdown dance.

  2. Adequate Game Display Equipment
    Do you have one wall that is just an enormous television? If so, go ahead and skip to the next step. You won’t need the wisdom bomb that we’re about to drop.

    If you do not have cutting edge television technology, please do not ruin your guests Super Bowl viewing experience by making them watch a game on a TV made for ants. You can give your guests the sensation of sitting in the front row of the stadium stands by arranging a projector and screen to display the game in life size. If you’re on a budget, you can make your projector screen for less than $20 with this tutorial or display the projector directly onto a blank wall if you have to. If you don’t want to spend the coin on a high definition projector, check your local audio visual stores for rental options.

  3. Decorate Like It’s Going Out of Style
    There is no such thing as too much Super Bowl party flair. Every open wall and flat surface in your home is a blank canvas begging to be decked out in tiny footballs, pom poms, helmets, and team logos. There’s no point in throwing a Super Bowl party unless you can commit to being obnoxious about the amount of football-related decor you dress your home up in. Either go big at your local party store, or hit up Pinterest for some great DIY Super Bowl party decoration ideas.
  4. Good Food and Some More Good Food
    Even people who don’t enjoy football love Super Bowl parties because it definitely involves a buffet of delicious and unhealthy food. Of course, stock up on the usual game day fare: chips and dip, wings, and cold beer. If you want to really one-up your neighbor’s Super Bowl party, here are a few winning menu items that don’t take too much work:

  5. Extra Entertainment
    A word to the wise: If you don’t plan extra party games to keep your guests busy if the commercials get dull, you might be forced to hold a conversation with one or more of your guests. You can avoid this awkward encounter by having backup entertainment on hand. Think of fun football-related drinking games. Consider Superbowl commercial bingo with objects that frequently appear in Super Bowl commercials. Of course, run a pool for score and champion predictions. Every great game day party involves a little gambling.

Do you have any other important Super Bowl party suggestions? Please share them in the comment section below! Learn more at this link.

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