7 Fun Wedding Poses You Won’t Want to Miss

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Even with the recent trend toward more photojournalistic, artistic wedding photography, it’s still important to get those traditional wedding portraits Grandma can put on the mantel. But you don’t want to underutilize the skill of all the creative wedding photographers that are out there, either (especially if you’ve dedicated a fair amount to photography when doing your wedding budgeting). With that in mind, here are seven fun wedding poses so creative you’ll want to steal them:

  1. Jumping on the Bed

    Need to get some nervous excitement out before or after the wedding? Take a little bounce on a bed or trampoline — with the latter, you might even get enough height for some silly mid-air shots. After all, fun wedding poses ought to involve actually having some fun.

  2. For Grownup Eyes Only

    Everyone knows that until puberty, kissing is yucky. So make sure to have the best man and maid of honor cover the eyes of the flower girl and ring bearer while you and your sweetheart steal a smooch.

  3. Generations of Weddings

    Many couples are inspired by the marriages of their parents, grandparents and mentors. Honor that by having both the bride and groom each hold framed wedding photos of family or friends who influenced them throughout their lives.

  4. When the Wedding Party Met

    How did you and your spouse-to-be meet each member of the wedding party? You can have each person write down how they met the bride/groom on an inexpensive chalkboard (“kindergarten,” “summer camp,” “college dorm,” “bar” or whatever else it may be) and hold it up for a fun group shot.

  5. The Pinky Promise of a Lifetime

    For a more whimsical way to show off your shiny new rings, skip the traditional hand-over-hand shot in favor of a cute pinky promise.

  6. A Perfectly Framed Shot

    Why leave the framing for after the wedding photos are already printed? Choose two members of the family or wedding party — flower girl/ring bearer, mom/dad, etc. — to hold up a pretty frame in front of you and your new husband or wife.

  7. The Groomsmen’s Silly Socks

    Many creative wedding poses focus on the bride and groom or the bride and her bridesmaids — why not give the men the spotlight for a bit? Buy each of the groomsmen a pair of silly socks (comic book heroes, cartoons, etc.) and have them show them off with their tuxes.

What other fun wedding poses do you have in mind? Share your ideas in the comments.

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