8 Decorating Tips for Weddings That Anyone Can Use

Weddings are always hopeful and joyous events. Every year, there are about 2.4 million weddings held around the United States. People around the nation shell out a total of about $72 billion on these events. Anyone who has helped plan such an event knows how many details need to be considered. In addition to the big decisions (venue, date, cuisine) there are a million other, smaller details that need to be covered. From getting the right wedding party supplies to the wedding cutlery, and the dinner napkins, many people find the process overwhelming. Luckily there are things you can do to make your wedding reflect your personality and style. Here are a few:

  1. Hang drapes from the ceilings. These do not have to be fancy drapes you had designed for your wedding. Simple pieces of fabric can change the look and feel of a space. To make the event more casual and fun, you can use brightly colored pieces of fabric. For a more formal look, white sheets of fabric can add a lot. If you go with this idea, you will not have to spend so much time and effort on the tabletops themselves.
  2. Make the most of your escort cards. At most weddings, these wedding party supplies are laid out on a table. The cards are hard to read because they are small. Rather than going that route, another way to approach this is to create a special display. Turn the cards into a decoration and put them all on a board, which you have decorated to fit in with your wedding theme.
  3. Elevate your floral arrangments. There is no reason to think that your flowers have to be tied to your tables. Take your beautiful arrangments and hang them up. When they are suspended several feet above the tables, they give you more space on the tables and you get a fun and more intimate look and feel.
  4. Consider putting in chalkboards as signs. You can make these look amazing and they can be used to show people where to get drinks, food, and can even just show off a favorite quote from the couple. You can also leave one blank so that your guests can leave messages of love and support.
  5. Think about adding bouquets with some herbs. Rosemary, sage, and lavender add more than just color to your bouquets. They also add some aromatherapy to your event. It is hard to overstate how closely linked our sense smell is to the center of our brain that stores memories. Add a touch of fragrance to your event, anyone who attends may think of your wedding when they smell that again.
  6. Add color with your glassware. People often think that when they are looking at wedding party supplies, they have to go with clear glassware and plates but that is just not true. Whether you are renting your glassware or are looking at plastic champagne glasses, look into getting glassware that is colored.
  7. Use family photos as decorations. Not all wedding party supplies need to be generic. Take pictures of both people’s families and use them to create a wall, a collage of the images of the important people in each partner’s life. These need not be limited to the family but can include pets, friends, and anyone else who has made an impact. This adds a bit of personalization and insight into the couple’s life and love.
  8. Get wood chairs. It is just as easy to rent chairs for the wedding that are made from rustic looking wood. This option can augment your wedding theme. There are different styles of chairs that are wood so if rustic is not your thing, you will be able to find some wood chairs that add to your overall wedding theme.

Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming but there are ways to make it fun and seem less like a chore. Making checklists and timetables can help you keep all the details in order. Another way to have fun with this process is to use different techniques to add your personality and style to your big day. The good news is that it does not cost a fortune to make your day special.

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