Ballroom Dancing Lessons Provide Exercise and Fun

Ballroom dancing lessons

What are you and your husband gong to do now that you are empty nesters? Now that the youngest of your two daughters is off to college and your oldest daughter has graduated with her undergraduate degree and is starting her masters program, what are you going to do as a couple with your extra time? The golf leagues can keep you busy during the warm weather months, but what about those long cold days that keep you from your favorite outdoor activities?
Finding a fun way to reconnect with your spouse after the children have moved on doesn’t have to be a challenge. Ballroom dancing lessons can be just the activity you need. These lessons can be a great way to stay physically active during the long weeks of winter while also giving you a fun new skill that will carry you through the rest of the year
Between the years of 2001 and 2011, the number of Americans taking ballroom dancing increased 35%. Both young and old are looking for healthy, active ways to spend time together. From a group of high school seniors who want to learn to swing dance, to middle aged couples who want to have a more adult dancing option, ballroom dancing lessons are becoming increasingly popular.
Health and mental wellness research shows that regularly participating in dance and other physical activities may help reduce or improve the symptoms of depression. Ballroom dancing class also provides regular aerobic activity and promotes improved cardiovascular health. Dance classes focus on posture and presentation as well as teaching dancing steps. This focus allows dancing students to improve their posture and balance, a healthy practice that often continues beyond the dance floor. In many cases, dance studio classes also provide a social opportunity, as well as an exercise opportunity. For young and old alike, ballroom dancing lessons provide an opportunity to spend time with a group of people you otherwise might not have met. The intergenerational aspect of ballroom dancing lessons, in fact, can be one of the greatest benefits. Where else can you be in a room of couples who are just starting their lives together while at the same time be with couples who have been married for many years? Special dance classes for kids stretch the possibilities for this intergenerational activity even more.
While many couples attend ballroom dancing lessons, this activity has also become a great place for singles to mingle as well. Dancing by definition is a social activity. It allows you to meet someone new or spend time with your spouse. Who knows? Maybe the couple who is trying to figure out what to do with their time now that they are empty nesters, will some be the couple using their new ballroom dancing skills at one of their daughter’s wedding dance.

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