Coffee Bag Functions and Why they are Important

Coffee is a widely known drink and there are so many ways to drink it. Almost every country has coffee, although the ways people drink it may differ. It is so popular that more than half Americans over the 18 drink it daily and almost half of all workers depend on it in order to stay productive all day at work. With coffee being so popular and drank by so many it only makes sense that many households and offices have some sort of coffee laying around ready to be brewed at a moments notice. That means that the methods of keeping the coffee fresh is important. Coffee bags serve an important purpose, even more than choosing pretty printed coffee bags, coffee packaging design should ensure that the coffee stays fresh until the next cup or pot is brewed. Read below to see some facts about different custom coffee bags and things that make them important.

Ziplock Close

This method is one where air does not enter the coffee bag until it is opened. Once it is opened, most air can be pushed out before it is closed and resealed again. This is the most popular option when it comes to choosing which coffee bags for sale you should consider. Ziplock close styles include zipper close and press and seal close.

Tear Notches

Tear notches indicate where a bag should be opened. Once the bag is opened, there is no way to re close the bag on the coffee bag itself. It is then up to the user to determine the best way to store the coffee to keep the air out of it. They can choose an air tight container with a lid to place the coffee bag in, or they can choose a container to pour the coffee in and close. Either one of these options is sufficient for keeping air out of the coffee.


Coffee must be stored properly for a number of reasons. This is another reason it is vital that you choose coffee bags for sale that can handle all specific needs. Coffee that is refrigerated or frozen could potentially keep it’s flavor a little longer than other methods, but that’s not always a good thing. When you take something out like a can of coke and set it on the counter what happens? The warm air hits the cold object and condensation starts to form. This is the case, except it can happen inside of your coffee container. Once this happens the aroma and structure of the coffee looses stability. Choosing coffee bag designs that allow for the purchase of smaller amounts at one time can eliminate the need to put the coffee in the refrigerator or freezer.

More than 80% of consumers admit that packaging influenced their product decision, but that’s not always a good thing. Choosing custom coffee bags for sale should be about more than that. The importance of keeping the coffee fresh and providing a need for the consumers should be just as important as what is on the package. The outside of the package can look as nice as can be, but if the product inside isn’t superb, that is the thing that will be remembered.

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