Dance the Night (and the Pounds) Away!

First dance for a bride

Have you ever admired the old movies in which couples gracefully sweep across the floor in an elegant dance? Did you know that dancing — in any form — is a great way to get exercise into your daily life? If you’re interested in learning ballroom dancing, you should know that there are several ballroom dance styles to choose from, so there’s plenty to learn. Ballroom dancing lessons are also a great way to prepare for a wedding, in which those old-style dances often return. It’s nice to take the floor and feel confident and not shown up by your parents or grandparents! Even if you’re not interested in learning the various ballroom dance styles, modern dance is another great way to exercise — and if you start your children early enough, there are plenty of benefits to their health and flexibility when they take dance classes as well!
Give Me Some Dancing Facts
If you take up dance, know that it’s a long and time-honored tradition in just about every culture around the world. Indeed, the first proof of dance that was unearthed by archaeologists is from the 9,000 year old cave paintings found in India. When people think about ballroom dancing, they often think of the waltz, which was first done in the mid-19th century, inspired and popularized by Johann Strauss’s music. It’s a slow and graceful dance done by two people.
There are ten different types of ballroom dances of International Ballroom and International Latin, though this term can be used with the five International Ballroom dances as well. Ballroom dance styles include the waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, samba, cha-cha-cha, rumba, paso doble, and the jive.
USA Dance, Inc., a nonprofit group said that there’s been a 35% increase in the number of people taking ballroom lessons and going to such events in the last ten years. Additionally, a study compared tango dancing to mindfulness meditation, and they found that over 95% of participants would rather have a voucher for the tango class than a voucher for the mindfulness meditation session.
How Can Dance Be Important For One’s Health?
As previously discussed, dance can be a great way to exercise. An average 150-pound adult could burn as much as 240 calories (if not more) an hour when they dance. Considering that many adults (and children) view exercise as a burden, suggesting dance as exercise may put a fun spin on it and motivate them to get out there and work out. Indeed, over 80% of adults don’t hit the guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities and over 80% of children also don’t meet the aerobic physical activity suggestions. And less than 5% of adults get the recommended half hour of physical activity daily and only one in three adults get the recommended quantity of physical activity a week.
Dance heavy workouts have become more popular in recent years and people find the communal activity and fun music often make working out more palatable. They know they’re working hard, but it’s not as grueling as say, going for a run, or hitting the gym. And it can be a fun and sneaky way to incorporate exercise for reluctant children or teens as well.
What Are Other Perks to Dancing?
If you sign up for ballroom dancing lessons and learn the various ballroom dance styles, you’ll be all set for the bride and groom dance at your wedding! Ballroom dance lessons are a great engagement gift to a couple, for example. However, ballroom dance lessons can also be a fun gift for any couple or group of friends who want to try something new and feel sophisticated at the same time!
If you dance, you will also likely build strong friendships and find a community with your dance team, class, or partners. You may have greater flexibility, balance, and strength as well, all of which can help you as you grow older.
Dancing is a great way to interact with others, get some exercise, and make friends, regardless of your age. Be classy and get ballroom dancing lessons or get down with modern dance! Either way, you’re sure to discover a fun and time-honored tradition.

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