Diving Into Giclee Printing

Giclee prints are an alternative to buying original art. Giclee is a French word that means spraying paint on a substance or page. Giclee printers are huge bulky printers that are capable of producing images that are of high quality. Images printed by these printers are very close to the original work of art. These printers can produce images of the same color, and tone as the original.

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To create these prints, one needs quality photographs of a piece of art. One may hire a professional photographer to ensure they get images of great quality. The Giclee printer has many cartridges and is able to print pictures of very high quality that almost equates to the quality of the original.
Giclee printing helps an artist reach many audiences. An artist can make giclee prints that are able to reach many people that could never make it to a viewing of the original pieces. Giclee is also an alternative for art lovers that may not have the money to buy the original pieces of art. Giclee also helps diversify income for an artist. They can earn extra income from a piece of art that has giclee prints sold. These prints are archival and can be passed down generations.

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