Event Staffing and Event Marketing The Definition of Brand Street Teams

Brand street teams are not exactly as the name sounds. They are not necessarily teams of people standing on the street spouting off quotes and ringing bells trying to draw potential customers into a store. It’s not quite the same thing as the kid wearing the sandwich board or holding the large sign pointing to the front door of the little retail store in the local shopping center.

Brand Street Teams at the Core of Marketing

With the great need for business-to-customer marketing in the retail industry, there is almost no better way to reach the customer directly than to speak with them face-to-face. Trade shows and other promotional events are crucial for those employees the get out and shake the hands of those passing by. At these locations, the most excellent chance of direct interaction and sale closing occurs. Sometimes the brand ambassadors and product ambassadors can provide just a couple of sentences of essential information and then asking these visitors to fill out cards with their contact information.

Building Brand Street Teams

Easily enough, the hiring process for the brand street team or the brand ambassadors for a company does not necessarily need to take up a lot of time for your human resources department. With many different staffing agencies out there seeking out the proper full-time, part-time, and temporary employees for all different roles, some look for employees looking for branding work. These include:

  • Promotional Modeling Agencies
  • Brand Ambassador Agencies
  • Event Staffing Agencies
  • From the location of promotional employees and ambassadors, you can get your name out there significantly without reducing the number of marketing executives and account managers that you have working in the office during any trade show or other events. While sometimes the title of these ambassadors is reduced to sounding like trade show models or promo models, the ambassador is something more like an employee who is familiar with the company’s overall message and brand. This is the title that is best presented to an agency when looking to hire quality staff that will be working live events where over three-quarters of people are more likely to purchase products or at least respond to marketing messages.

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