Five Things You Might Not Know About Elvis Presley’s Life and Music

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Elvis Presley may have died almost 40 years ago, but his music and legacy continues to live on in a large way today. Millions of people around the world still listen to his albums and go to authentic Elvis-inspired performances to celebrate his impact on popular music.

But do you know as much as you think you might have known about this iconic figure of rock n’ roll music and culture?

Whether you’re just discovering his music or you’re a long-time fan, we can guarantee you probably don’t know these five fascinating facts about Elvis Presley’s life, music and career:

1. The Elvis live performance on Maui, called “Elvis Aloha From Hawaii,” was the first-ever live performance to be broadcast around the world via satellite. The 1973 live performance in Hawaii is thus one of Elvis’ most famous — some estimates say the live airing reached 1 billion people. It was also the most expensive entertainment special to date, costing $2.5 million to produce.

2. Elvis Presley continues to be a prominent staple in the music industry — in 2005, three of his singles topped the charts in the United Kingdom, and he’s second only to Michael Jackson on Forbes‘ list of top-earning dead celebrities.

3. Elvis’ famous white jumpsuit with the eagle-embellished belt made its first appearance during the “Aloha From Hawaii” performance. The costume is now on display at his home of Graceland in Memphis, Tenn., which welcomes millions of visitors each year.

4. Despite his massive success, Elvis’ career started small. He produced his first record at 18 as a gift to his mother, which cost just $4 to make.

5. Elvis Presley only performed outside of the United States on five occasions, but was regarded as a global superstar because of his electric performances and famously charming personality.

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