Four Benefits Of Having Art In The Workplace

In everyday life, there are any number of things that can cause stress.

This is especially true in the workplace. Whether you’re dealing with an angry customer, trying to settle a workplace conflict with a co-worker or trying to beat a tight deadline, there are many things that cause the average person stress at work.

One way to remedy that and create a stress free workplace is through the use of art. Studies have shown that people working in enriched spaces, such as those with plants or art, are 17% more productive than folks working in non-enriched spaces. Surveys have also indicated that art can help businesses address issues like creating a stress free workplace, more creativity and encouraging a variety of opinions.

If you’re a manager or boss and are looking for something to change things up in the office, here are four benefits of installing workplace art.

  • More creativity: Work place art can promote a stress free workplace, but also help break up the day-to-day pace. When you enter an office, you likely see a mix of desks, chairs and office equipment; the same old, same old. Installing workplace art can give workers something new to look at and can inspire creativity, awakening new ideas or improving on old ideas.
  • Company values: Art in the workplace can also be beneficial because it can be used to reinforce company messages and company values. If your company has a particular message it wants to get out to customers or is trying to improve its brand, art is a good way to communicate that in a non-verbal way. It also helps to think about the type of art that’s being displayed; abstract art can give off a vibe of looseness or youthfulness and fun. Traditional paintings can convey prestige and a hard-working environment.
  • Employee input: if you’re going to have workplace art installed, it might be a good idea to seek input from your employees. Art can inspire a lot of positive feelings in employees, but giving them the chance to offer suggestions for art or allowing them to pick their favorite art pieces will give them a feeling of control. It can also foster a sense of community in the office since this can be used as something that everyone has a hand in.
  • A healthier workplace: Art is used for positive rehabilitation purposes in places like hospitals and art can be used the same way in the workplace. As previously mentioned, an office can very easily become a place filled with stress and tension and that can lead to breakdowns in employee relations and productivity. Art helps promote a stress free workplace by helping reduce stress and help restore positive mental energy.

So now that you know the benefits of workplace art, you’re probably wondering, what’s the right art to put up in an office?

Nature scenes like a stilllife can create positive moods in people as they might look at a painting of a forest with a winding river or an orchard and wish they could be transported there. Pictures of people, especially those of an older generation can also improve moods in the office. If you work in the healthcare industry, having art showing people being cared for is great because it lets people know that things are going to be ok, especially if they’re going through a surgery or dealing with some other medical issue.

Impressionist art and abstract art can be hit or miss. If it’s something that employees can relate to, it may be well-received. If it’s too out there, it may lead to confusion or negative reactions.

If you’re looking to create a stress free workplace, workplace art can be the remedy. It can lower workplace stress, improve the overall office mood, boost productivity and inspire creativity as well as togetherness. Taking the time to find art or workplace decorations that express company values and is well-liked by your staff can be just the thing a workplace needs for stress relief and to shake off the everyday doldrums.

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