Give the Right Gift

For any young woman starting college or a new job, or for new mothers, giving the right gift can really brighten her day, and there’s an endless variety of ideas for gifts to give, whether personal or more practical like baby clothes and baby blankets for new moms, or household items for a young woman who moved into her first apartment. Ideas for little gifts can be sentimental, too, and tailored to the recipient with ease. What’s more, little gifts like mini Uno cards, heart sparklers, and mini soccer balls are not only charmingly petite, but they don’t take up much room, which can be helpful for someone who’s trying to manage all her inventory and space in a new apartment or dorm room. Ideas for little gifts can be just for fun, like miniaturized versions of things like vacuum cleaners or forks and spoons, or just small but practical sizes for things, like a small keychain or a small shelving unit for personal items or a small television set or a small laptop (often called a notebook computer, a great idea for a college girl). In fact, there are statistics and surveys out there to show that ideas for little gifts can really brighten someone’s day, and that giving small gifts like a mini paint set is a very popular thing to do. How can a gift giver get started?

Gifts by the Numbers

Many things today are tracked by statistics and business data, and that even extends to fun, casual items and ideas like giving small gifts, or interpersonal gifts in general. To start with, a 2015 UGiftIdeas survey found that 58.79% of responders agree that when gifts are given, their relationship is made more special, whether between a boyfriend or girlfriend (or girl to girl or boy to boy), spouses, fiancees, or simply good friends, and the exact relationship, and its expected future, may also influence exactly what is given as a gift. Some gift ideas like fancy photo frames are universal, but matching heart lockets may be popular gifts between female friends, and a man may give his fiancee flowers or a resort trip.

More trends have been determined where gift-giving is concerned. U.S. Census data, for example, shows that retail sales in the year 2017 reached a record high of $5.7 trillion, and some of that definitely went toward gifts between friends, lovers, and parents and their grown kids. Other surveys in the year 2017, some 79% of consumers said that they did some of their shopping online, and that some 40% of American Internet users had bought items online several times per month. What is more, the holiday season has long since proven itself a strong time for sales, and this may include ideas for little gifts. Some 86% of Americans were predicted to buy presents in the year 2017, and even though some do so at the last minute, this still means a lot of shopping is being done for one’s friends and loved ones.

What to Give?

The first step for finding ideas for little gifts is simply knowing who the recipient is. A new mother, for example, will mainly want practical gifts for her new family member, such as baby clothes, a crib, a baby sling (either parent can use it), or even a carrying pack for baby goods like spare diapers, a bottle and formula, and more. But the new mom will still appreciate more sentimental tokens about her new motherhood, such as a mini pair of baby shoes as keychains, or small photo frames for wallet-sized photos of the new baby with its parents.

Young women going to college, or moving into their new apartment for the first time, may love to receive small gifts that celebrate their new life milestones. A young woman who recently turned 21 may love to get little wine glasses or margarita glasses as novelties, or sports enthusiasts may like mini soccer or volleyballs or even tiny hockey sticks. Girls may also like small decorations for their faith; a girl might like a shiny brass cross or Star of David on a pedestal, or a keychain or a rear-view mirror decoration. Many other gift ideas can be inspired by the recipient’s personal tastes.

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