Home Music Room Decorating Ideas For Your PA Home

If you live in Pennsylvania, you’re one of the lucky Americans that gets to experience the joy of having a basement and using it as a den, getaway, or music room! With winter coming, autumn in full swing, and the rest of the year ahead, there’s no better time to start than today on some home music room decorating ideas!

Below are some times to help you get your music room up and running. With the help of these, you can use your music room as a studio, guest room, or just a place to relax and unwind at the end of a busy, stressful day. Even if you don’t have a basement, these tips can allow you to enjoy the music in any room of your home!

1. Buy Some Vinyl

No music room is complete without at least some of your favorite vinyl works! This is especially true if you’re actively working as a DJ and use your home as a studio to mix and record! Nowadays, you can buy vinyl records online, which come bundled in with the digital audio of songs or records! Whatever vinyl you decide to invest in, make sure it fits your style and your goals as a music artist! Some of the best producers started off with a love of vinyl first!

2. Use Records as Artwork

One of the best home music room decorating ideas you can do is to use those same vinyl records in your music room for artwork! If you have any old records you’re not using anymore, hang them up in clusters or around your music room for some added wall decoration! Vinyl records also usually come with custom artwork inside already, which you can then hang up on the walls of your music room for some unique decoration.

3. Print Your Own Posters

If you don’t want to buy vinyl or custom artwork, you can simply print your own posters using a home printer! This is one of the cheapest home music room decorating ideas, as even a high-quality print from a shop only costs about one dollar! Just look online for your favorite gig posters from the past, or your favorite album cover, then print them using a high-quality printer and paper. You’ll be amazed at how easy this is to do!

4. Paint the Walls and Everything Else

Do you want your music room to have a Van Halen-type color scheme? Or do you want a subtle, beautiful off-white Parisian theme? The choices for color schemes in your music room are virtually endless! Although you can paint the walls yourself, you can also get professional help from a professional painter to help you with wall and cabinet painting. This will allow you to be able to get those beautiful colors you desire without ruining any of your furniture or taking forever to paint your new music room! A professional painter can also get creative with unique patterns and textures too!

5. Invest in Some Ergonomic Chairs

If you use your music room as a recording studio, one of the best home music room decorating ideas you can have is investing in ergonomic chairs! These chairs are designed for people that spend a long amount of time sitting at a desk, in front of a computer, or, of course, in a recording studio! By investing in ergonomic chairs and furniture, you’ll not only give your back a break, but also modernize the look of your home studio!

6. Decorate For Your Comfort

If you don’t use your home studio for recording, some great home music room decorating ideas for you are to invest in comfortable chairs, couches, even some bean bags! If you want to use your home music room as a place to unwind, go all out in making this your designated relaxation area. You can even consider getting some plants and oil diffusers to make the environment even more relaxing.

7. Consider Building a Professional Isolation Booth

With the help of some custom construction services, you can turn your music room into virtually anything! If you’re interested in taking the step in turning your music room into a professional recording studio, construction companies can help you install your very own isolation booth for recording in your studio. Who says you can’t make music at home?

8. Invest in Soundproof Panels

If you’re going to use your music room as a place to rock out, but have family around, one of the best home music room decorating ideas is to invest in soundproof panels. These help reduce noise that can come from singing, playing the drums, playing the guitar with amps, or anything else. In addition to using soundproof paneling, it’s also a good idea to invest in some ear plugs to protect your ears from any harsh, loud noises.

9. Get the Best Microphone

Your music room should have the best microphone, whether you use it to record, make YouTube videos, Podcasting, or anything else! The best microphones will help pick up sound and lead to videos with high sound quality that you can use in your videos or when recording your own music! A microphone isn’t something you want to skimp out on.

10. Set Up a Turntable

If you don’t already, there’s no better home music room decorating ideas than setting up a turntable in your music room! Nowadays, you can buy turntables anywhere online, but if you’re a professional DJ, you should look at investing in a high-tech turntable that can support many different functions. Or, you can buy a record player turntable for its looks, as they come in many different designs, colors, and finishes!

11. Invest in Surround Sound Speakers

Sometimes your record player, especially if it’s portable, might not have the best sound quality if your music room is bigger. Whether it’s to increase the sound quality on your record player or to get better sound from your TV or computer, you should invest in some surround sound speakers for your music room! Not only can you use surround sound speakers in your music room, but you can also use them around your home to make movie (and music) nights some of the best!

12. Use Dimmers

Dimmers can make all the difference when it comes to setting up the mood of a place, including your music room! One of the best home music room decorating ideas is to use dimmers to choose from different lighting settings! Maybe you work better within a dimly lit environment, or need the lights on super bright to read your music notes and record! Whatever you prefer, an electrician service can help rewire your lighting to give you a wide range of lighting options!

13. Get Some Cool Neon Lighting

Although it’s purely for decoration, one of the coolest home music room decorating ideas is investing in neon lighting for your music room. These neon signs can now be purchased anywhere online for cheap. However, if you’re a collector of sorts, don’t hesitate to visit your favorite antique store and purchase a vintage neon sign! Make your music room the envy of your friends by having the coolest neon signs around!

14. Consider Second-Hand Furniture

Did you know you can find pianos, guitars, furniture, and everything for your music room for pennies on the dollar? It’s true! Through markets such as Facebook, Craigslist, the penny saver, and your local newspaper, you can find people giving away their pianos, music instruments, furniture, and music gear either through estate sales or because they need to move from their home quickly. Looking for second-hand items is one of the best home music room decorating ideas to save you money! After you find the best deal on instruments, such as a piano, all you have to do is pay for a furniture or piano mover to help you get your new gear into your music room.

15. Invest in Guitar Storage

Whether it’s guitar stands or guitar wall mounts, you should invest in ways to store your guitars without harming their precious exteriors. Guitars are very sensitive and prone to scratching, so it’s never a good idea to store them one on top of another or without cases if you’re not propping them upright. Guitar wall mounts can not only keep your guitars safe, but they can also make your music room look stunning while showing off your awesome collection of guitars!

16. Get Professional Help For Set-Up

If you’re new to the recording studio business, or you don’t know where to begin setting up your music equipment or computer, it’s best to get the help of a professional to help you set up your music room. An IT professional or recording producer can give you the best advice for how to set up your music room and studio! This saves you the stress of having to set up everything on your own, while also saving you time! They can also recommend their favorite local home construction company that helped them set up their music studio as well.

17. Get a Chalkboard

If you love to write music and love to create, there’s no better way to prepare your music room than with several chalkboards or whiteboards to help you jot down ideas! This is especially useful if you use your music room to record or jam out with your friends!

18. Consider Professional Remodeling

You might need to install extra outlets, extra shelving, or even want to change your flooring to make your music room just how you want it. One of the best home music room decorating ideas you can use to make your music room the best it can be is to get the help of basement remodeling services! Professional remodeling can help you turn your basement from a cold, unlivable environment, to a stunning music room in no time.

19. Update Your Windows

You’ll want to stay warm and cozy in your music room. If your windows are old, letting in drafts, and in need of repair, don’t skimp on window replacements for your music room. Replace your windows ASAP to protect your home and music room’s equipment, while also adding value to your home!

20. Add Your Own Bar

Nothing says relaxation, music, and fun quite like a good-quality drink does! To help you mix drinks, fun, and music, consider adding a bar to your music room! With the help of a construction company or remodeling service, you can set up a bar in your music room to serve drinks to your family and friends! You can even invest in custom quartz countertops to make your bar look amazing, add value to your home, and complete the look of your music room.

21. Decorate Your Bathroom Too

If you have a bathroom in your basement or den, don’t hesitate to decorate your bathroom too! Decorate it with the same color scheme and posters as your music room, or put some music magazines in there for guests. In addition, get the help of a plumber to ensure there’s no leaks or issues going on with your bathroom. Leaks in your basement can quickly lead to diasaster, including flooding and possible ruining your music room. Don’t let this happen, and contact a plumber for your restroom and home!

22. Get Rid of Any Pesky Bugs and Rodents

If you have a music room in your basement, contact a pest control company to help get rid of any rodents, termites, or bugs that might be lingering there before starting renovations in your music room! The last thing you want is rodents and bugs eating away at your precious instruments, sheet music, and memorabilia in your music room.

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