How to Kick Butt on Instagram

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Technology has drastically changed the photography industry over the last few decades. The most expensive camera — a 1923 Leica camera — ever sold went for more than $2.8 million. Now, because of high-quality cell phone camera, anyone can take professional-quality photos at any moment.

There are now more than 41.4 million professional photographers in the United States and a whole lot more are learning how to become professional photographers through the popular photo-sharing app, Instagram.

Photographs taken by professionals are two times more likely to be shared on Instagram than photos taken by ordinary users. The good thing is that almost anyone can learn how to take professional-quality photos with only the device in their pocket!

Cameras nowadays have so much technology inside them that the pictures they take look like masterpieces. Here are a few tips that you can use to take the highest-quality photos for your Instagram account.

Have Creative Ideas

Creativity is what really sets photographers apart. The photos have to be original and have a feel about them that provokes people to say, “I wish I thought of that.”

The best part about creativity is that anyone can find creative ways to use any object, any surface, any setting and have great pictures as a result. Photo styling is free of any and all judgment — you just have to maintain the creativity. If you want photograph a sunset, don’t just simply take a picture of the sunset. Find a creative way to show off that very same sunset in a way that no one has ever seen before.

Change Angles

Photography is all about perception and angles. Taking pictures of objects straight on will usually result in boring, bland photos. But changing the angle can make a pebble look like a mountain, a car look like a toy, and a person look like an angel.

Remove the Background

If you take a picture of a specific item, you should remove the background completely. The focus of the picture should be the only thing that you actually focus on. Backgrounds can often produce clutter in the picture and result in a bad photo. If you remove the background and focus only on what is the subject of that specific photo, it will turn out great.

Succeeding on Instagram doesn’t happen overnight and it isn’t the end of the world if you never reach Instagram photo celebrity. Taking photos for the love of taking them is enough. There are, however, professional photo editing services available for you to take any average photo and turn it into a masterpiece.

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