How to Produce a Classical Band Music Concert

Lovers of classical band music may want to produce their concert with an orchestra or friends who play piano and classical guitar but lack the production experience to know how. Planning a concert works like planning almost any event, but choosing the event venue and the musicians does work a bit differently than other events. Let’s consider the major steps to producing a classical band music concert.

Cast the Musicians

Hold auditions for the orchestra, unless you already have an orchestra assembled. Performing chamber music takes only a few musicians, typically a group of less than 10 musicians. In their beginnings, chamber orchestras performed at people’s homes, so they consisted of few players.

Putting together a full orchestra requires significant auditions. These large groups of players range between 50 and more than 100 musicians. For a full orchestra, you will need to find a large venue, such as a civic music hall.

Choose the Music to Perform

The size and composition of your orchestra or musical group decide the music performed. Consider pieces of music written for the number of musicians you have, such as a guitar and piano duet for a classical guitarist and pianist. For a full orchestra, consider symphonies by musicians such as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Liszt, Mozart, etc. If you assembled a small orchestra and vocalists because you want to mount an opera, consider the work of well-known musicians, such as Puccini.

Shop Around for a Venue

In larger areas, you may have many options from which to choose. In small towns, you may need to hold an outdoor concert in spring or summer. Consider civic centers, theaters, churches, and municipal auditoriums. When you find the rent venue to rent, you may find it needs some work before it will provide a suitable location. If you purchase a venue to provide a permanent home for your orchestra, this work becomes your responsibility.

Inspect the Venue

When you rent a venue, you merely need to tour each one to ensure it provides what you need for the players and the audience. Pay close attention to acoustics. In planning other types of events, acoustics play little part, but in any type of music or theater production, the acoustics of the venue must provide perfect sound quality. That cool iron door motif in the theater you tour that reminds you of a castle would throw off the music’s resonance. Hire commercial cleaners to ensure the venue stays spotless.

Classical band music requires a room that provides a clean sound. The venue should have no echo, provide no reverberation, and have no sound pollution around it so that the cute church next door to a commercial cleaner gets nixed right away. Check the venue for safety, too.

If you buy a theater, during the mortgage process, you will need to have both an appraisal of the property and an inspection of it. While the appraisal merely determines that the seller asks a fair price, the inspection reveals things that need repair before the property proves usable. During the buying process, you can request that the seller repair them before you buy. They may counteroffer to provide you with a repair allowance, either directly paid to you or as a credit on the home purchase, also called a price deduction.

These types of issues typically include electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Before the fire marshal will provide you with an occupancy certificate, these items must be fixed by a licensed professional. The inspection during the purchase reveals the list of things to repair, so simply address them one at a time. Waste disposal is essential, so you may need to rent a dumpster. If a dumpster is out of your budget, hiring a trash hauling service may be a better alternative.

Make Sure the Lobby Is Comfortable

Before beginning rehearsals for the classical band music concert, repair any HVAC problems. Addressing things that could distract the players or the audience well before the concert date helps both. Many industrial HVAC companies also repair commercial venues, so if you reside in an area with few HVAC companies, contact each, even if they state that they serve industrial operations.

Once you locate your commercial HVAC contractors, ensure the repairs address the comfort of everyone in all parts of the building. The audience wants a warm or cool lobby, depending on the season. The musicians playing in the classical band music concert want it comfortable backstage and onstage, while the management and ticket staff want the offices to feel nice. Make sure the HVAC service personnel address every room of the venue.

Hold Rehearsals

It works best if your musicians can rehearse in the performance venue. This isn’t always possible if you rent a facility or you will travel to a distant location to perform. Create a rehearsal schedule that provides your orchestra or chamber group with a few months to learn the music and practice playing it together.

Maintain Patron Parking

While your orchestra rehearses, the management continues to make the venue ready for the big show. If you rent a venue for a classical band music concert, the venue typically provides its own parking lot. You may need to provide the volunteers to staff the lot though.

When you buy a venue, you buy its parking lot, too. If you purchased an older venue, its parking lot may need as much work as the building or more. Contact a professional in the concrete businesses of masonry and cement works. These businesses can design an updated parking lot for you.

A local paver can usually install the updated parking area for you in a matter of weeks if the weather holds out. In cases where the parking areas need extensive work, start repairs and re-pavement as soon as you buy the venue. This way, the contractors can finish the parking lots before the concert. If you want to commemorate your event, consider designing merchandise. A custom t shirt is a fantastic option.

Make Travel Plans for Musicians

If your musicians will travel to another location to perform a classical band music concert, you will need to provide them with transportation and a hotel room. This means hiring a van to pick them up with luggage and instruments to drive them to the airport, as well as, buying the plane tickets. Sometimes, you don’t have to handle travel for a whole group, just one guest musician who will visit your orchestra to perform with you.

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