How to Setup Voice Chat on Your Minecraft Server

This video will show you how to set up voice chat on your Minecraft server. A voice hosting service will allow you to talk with your friends while playing the game and make it much easier to coordinate attacks and other activities. Voice chat can be helpful in teamwork and coordination.

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However, you must set up your voice chat server to use it with your Minecraft server.
The first thing that you will have to do is find out which voice hosting service you want to use. A voice hosting service will require you to download the software and then give you the IP address of your server. You can then connect to that IP address with any VoIP client and join the chatroom, where you can talk to other people playing on the same server.
A voice hosting service allows you to create your private chat room for friends and family members who want to play Minecraft together. You won’t worry about setting up your server or lag time issues with other players on the same network. You can install the voice service with Forge and Fabric. Once installed successfully, you can adjust the volume of other players during the game. You can also configure your headphones or speakers.

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