Installing Artwork in the Office

Art is a uniquely human phenomenon, dating back to cave paintings to Classical sculptures to Renaissance paintings to modern art of all sorts. Strictly speaking, art is very broad and famously difficult to define, and it ranges from music to paintings to dance to singing, and more. In many modern art galleries and art walks today, though, most art will be paintings, sketches, and drawings, any art that can be put on canvas or paper for all to see. This is done all around the world, and an artist gallery may show many works from one person. Many American artists such as Georgia O’Keefe, Jackson Pollock, and more are widely viewed and appreciated today, but in Miami and south Florida in general, Latin art may also prove quite popular. Texas and Florida are close to Latin America such as Mexico, Cuba, and Colombia and Venezuela, and these parts of the U.S. have long since blended their cultures with that of Latin America. This often includes cuisine and art alike, and Latin artists such as Jose Perdomo, Karen Estrada, and Fernando Toledo may be popular names in the art world. When is it time to visit Latin art galleries, and how can Latin art and other painting styles find their way into commercial zones like an office building or a dentist’s waiting room?

The Business of Art

Not surprisingly, art is a large industry around the world, as art is universally appreciated and artists come from every part of the globe. As of 2017, for a recent example, the worldwide art market was valued close to $64 billion USD, and that number might well grow in the future, too. In the United States in particular, the art scene is strong, partly due to the widely diverse cultures and worldviews present in a multi-ethnic nation like the U.S. In particular, panting in the U.S. is the most popular media that collections have, and around the world, 83% of collections are made up of paintings, with drawings and works on paper making up 15% of all works found in those collections. What is more, the United States is home to 113,000 different nonprofit art organizations that, all put together, employ some 2.2 million artists in the workforce. In Texas or Florida, many Latin artists and their works may be supported like this, and Latin culture has long since proven its place in American society. Many restaurants, hotels, and other buildings may have Latin style architecture and decor alike, such as that of the Pueblo natives and their descendants.

Latin Work in the Office and Other Commercial Zones

No doubt many Americans visit art galleries to see new and classic pieces alike, but that is not the only sort of arena where Latin art and paintings may be found. In fact, studies have shown that modern offices with creative decorations and arrangements may boost the creativity and productivity of the employees who work there, even if those employees are not full-blown art enthusiasts. Arranging tables and desks in innovative ways, combined with potted plants and framed photos or paintings, can make for a more comfortable air in any commercial space such as offices or dentist or doctor office waiting rooms. Studies have been done to confirm this, and employees may look at these art pieces when they enter the office and during their breaks. That, and they may glance at art pieces during work and may feel comforted knowing that the art is always there, in the background. This may allow art pieces to have their full effect, and the staff may agree on what sort of art or which pieces to have in the office.

Art boosts productivity and creativity in the office, and it may also have a positive mental boost for someone in a library, or someone visiting a hotel lobby or a doctor’s office waiting room. Here too, art may calm and soothe a guest’s mind in some cases and may cheer them up, and they may appreciate how homely some art can make a hotel lobby feel.

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