Looking Forward to Football Season? Here’s How to Find the Perfect Sports Bar for Game Day

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In the United States alone, there are an estimated 69,391 bars and nightclubs currently operating, and they employ a total of over 370,000 people. These bars and nightclubs can vary from expensive restaurants with gourmet meals to rowdy nightclubs for dancing and drinking only — and everything in between. One of the most popular types of bar, however, is the sports bar.

Sports bars in Boise, Idaho, are no different from the sports bars in the rest of the country, with some small variations. One thing that separates sports bars in Boise from those in other states is that the teams Boise residents cheer for might be different from the home teams in other parts of the nation. But if you’re not at Boise’s Bronco Stadium, which seats 30,000 football fans, then you’re probably at a sports bar watching the game.

However, despite this small difference, those looking for fun things to do in Boise Idaho can enjoy one of the area’s many sports bars. If you want to know determine how to find great sports bars in Boise — or anywhere, for that matter — here are some criteria you can use to find the perfect spot.

Bar food is one of those things that people either love or hate. While it has a tendency to be fried, greasy, and/or spicy, there can be other menu items available at a sports bar. If you’re choosing a sports bar for your group of friends, foods like chicken wings, pizza, and sandwiches are sure to please everyone.

One of the other reasons for selecting a sports bar is the choices visitors have for drinks, especially alcohol. Some patrons might enjoy a mixed drink when they visit a sports bar, but the most popular beverage is usually beer. See what your sports bar has bottled and on tap to ensure that everyone has their favorite drink.

This is, of course, one of the central reasons for visiting a sports bar. People love to go to these establishments to watch football, basketball, baseball, and other games and tournaments with friends and locals. See what kinds of TVs your bar has, and how many there are. Bars also usually have satellite TV packages that allow them to play every game that’s currently on, so you shouldn’t have to deal with blackouts or being out of the network for your game.

Another aspect of the sports bar is the atmosphere. Do you actually feel like you’re in a sports bar when you’re there? Is there any local, state, or national team memorabilia hanging up? Is it decorated with a sports theme? If you answer yes to these questions, then you’re likely in a quality sports bar. Be wary of a place that advertises itself as a sports bar but doesn’t have anything sports-related hanging up.

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