Puzzled on things to do? Try this!

As the world shifts to working and occupying free time at home, people are trying to find anything and everything to do. From movies to video games, music, and board games, families have been clearing shelves and online stock of their favorite games and products. But what happens when the screen time (even aside from […]

Flow: The Secret to Art Therapy’s Success

It is well-documented that frequently engaging in creative projects, particularly those which involve the visual arts, has a significant positive effect on mental health. Most people have witnessed this phenomenon either through their own experience or via the testimony of a friend. However, the evidence of the nourishing effects of creativity goes beyond simple anecdotes; […]

10 Benefits of Art Therapy for Children

UPDATED 11/10/20 When discussing the benefits of art therapy for children, it is important to point out that art therapists, whether they are counseling remotely or in person, play an essential role.  Generally, art therapists are required to complete extensive post-secondary education. Because of their extensive education, trained art therapists are best able to help children to attain […]

The Role That Art Plays in Society

Art is famously abstract and difficult to define, as it is a work of human creativity and will vary from one person or culture to another. Art can take may forms, from dances and clothing to painting, sculpture, music, and performance arts such as theater. Some of the most popular types of art today are […]