Things to Brighten Up a Room

Having a well-brightened-up room is preferable for most of us. However, figuring out how to achieve this is challenging, especially with not-so-huge windows to allow enough natural light inside. Fortunately, there are several simple changes and clever decorating hacks that you can apply to transform any room. Here are some awesome tips on things to […]

Diving Into Giclee Printing

Giclee prints are an alternative to buying original art. Giclee is a French word that means spraying paint on a substance or page. Giclee printers are huge bulky printers that are capable of producing images that are of high quality. Images printed by these printers are very close to the original work of art. These […]

How to Art is Priced

Whether you are an artist or you are someone who enjoys art and wants to buy more of it, you may be wondering how art is priced. When you are looking to purchase art for sale, you may want to know why some pieces of art are higher than others. In this video, an expert […]