What You Can Expect on a Pearl Harbor Tour

The pearl harbor

If you are heading to Hawaii for a vacation, the beaches are not the only things worth seeing.

One of the most historic events in the U.S. happened in Hawaii, on the coast of the island, Oahu. Roughly half a century ago, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese, causing more than 1,000 deaths on the USS Arizona, a U.S. battleship.

There are now USS Arizona tours, as well as other group tours around the island that highlight important historic artifacts and ships. So, a Pearl Harbor visit should be one of your main stops.

Here are a few details about some of the guided tours in Pearl Harbor.

  • USS Arizona Tour. Officially dedicated in the early 1960’s, the USS Arizona has served as a memory of the crew members and marines who died during the attack on Pearl Harbor. As a visitor, you are taken on board a large white structure that was erected over the wreckage, and this serves as a memorial for the perished men. You can purchase an audio set that will explain the history of the event and what you are seeing in front of you. On the wall, there is also a list of all the men who died that day.
  • USS Missouri Tour. The USS Missouri is also an iconic U.S. battleship. This ship was the last one sent against the Japanese fleet, and was also the one that secured Japan’s surrender. On these tours, you can board the ship, and step on the actual footprints of General Douglas MacArthur. You will even hear his voice as he spoke about the historic event.
  • USS Bowfin Submarine Tour.Nicknamed the “Pearl Harbor Avenger,” the USS Bowfin was a U.S. Naval fleet submarine. It was deployed a year after the attack on Pearl Harbor to avenge the lives lost during the strike on U.S. soil. You can board the submarine and walk through, looking around at what the 180-member crew must have seen. You can also visit the museum, which has several artifacts, such as submarine weapon systems, and an actual missile. Keep in mind that children under the age of four are not allowed on the submarine for safety purposes, but can visit the museum.

These are only a few of the things you can see on a Pearl Harbor visit. With so many important historic sites to see, don’t let the beach engulf all of your time. Get more on this here.

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