Art Is Communication: Learning About Yourself When Looking Up New Paintings For Your Gallery

What does art mean to you?

This is the question that follows you through the art purchasing process. It guides your hand as you learn which paintings best compliment your living room. It opens your eyes when you discover a new artist’s work. Whether you’re searching for still life paintings or a little magical realism, it’s staying true to yourself that matters most. There’s a bounty of brilliant art out there just waiting to be enjoyed and appreciated.

From art prints reproductions and limited edition abstract art prints, we’re going to take a look at what the fine art industry is offering today.

The United States Is Home To A Thriving Art Sector

You have the pick of the littler when it comes to beautiful art. American artists, according to recent studies, appear in 40% of art collections around the world. It’s estimated 55% of these art collections have over 500 artworks to their name. Quality, not quantity, is what separates an average collection from a truly spectacular one. Are you someone that prefers a stunning technique or a collector that wants to cultivate a certain subject?

Global Art Markets Are Easier To Browse Than Ever

Perhaps you want to consider the whimsical artwork found not just in your home region, but around the world. The global art market was valued at an impressive $65 billion back in 2017, with numbers that only continue to impress. The United States alone is home to over 110,000 non profit art organizations. They employ over two million artists in the workforce doing volunteer work, tutoring, mentoring, commissions, and fundraising. Purchasing art will not just improve your life, but the lives of others.

Paintings Are A Beautiful, Classic Place To Start

When in doubt, turn to the classic appeal of paintings. This ancient art form has been found in every culture in the world and is sometimes all that is left of times long past. Today it is the most popular form of media found in collections, reigning supreme at 85% of all purchases. Limited edition prints are designed to replicate the original work as much as possible, even down to being printed on high quality, textured paper. You can pair them alongside collages, drawings, or photography to shake things up.

Collage And Photography Are Stunning Additions To Any Room

While constituting a smaller part of art collections, collage and photography are nonetheless proud niches deserving of respect. They comprise 15% of art collections today and make a fine choice for budding collectors to whet their appetite. Magical realism art prints for sale can make a lovely gift for a friend who loves fantasy. You can consider whimsical art for a baby’s room or limited edition prints of a lesser-known artist to spread the word.

Latin Artists Are Beginning To Rise In Prominence

It’s not just the most popular artists you should be taking a look at. There are incredible talents buried beneath the mainstream veneer, eager to spread their wings with just a little more support. Hispanic and Latin artists today constitute just 3% of the artists whose work is displayed in prominent museums. When searching for abstract art prints and collage art, consider looking up Giocanda Rojas prints and Antonia Guzman prints. You won’t be disappointed.

Embrace the meaning of art. Whether you lean toward abstract art prints or still life paintings, it’s an essential part of any life well lived.

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