The Fun of Ordering Balloons

All kinds of decorations can be used for a party or a wedding, from streamers to flowers to tablecloths. Meanwhile, balloons are a cheap but fun way to decorate any room or event, and a person can choose from latex balloons or foil balloons for the job. Often, a customer can find fun balloons like these at party supply stores or a grocery store, but they can also order balloons online if they want to, such as finding a specific sort of foil balloon. When you order balloons online, you may find a whole catalog of them, complete with clear photos of the different models. What is there to know about these simple but festive decorations, and what are the main differences between air filled balloons and helium filled ones?

Latex Balloons

A person can find latex models when they order balloons online, but these balloons are cheap and common at local party supply stores, too. Meanwhile, the very idea of balloons is an old one, but today’s balloons are typically made from latex, unlike early rubber models. Back in 1824, professor Michael Faraday invented them by fusing the edges of two rubber sheets and inflating them, and the idea certainly took off. By now, someone who wants to order balloons online or visit party supply stores will find latex models, and they may be dozens or a hundred per package. These balloons are made from latex since latex trees can be harvested for years without undue harm to the tree, but rubber harvesting may strain forests more heavily.

Latex balloons form the typical teardrop shape, and can be filled with either air or helium. Air is easier to come by, and a person can even use their own breath to fill these balloons. They won’t float, but they will last longer than balloons filled with helium. And if helium is used, such as through a pump, the balloons may float for a day or two. They are usually found with strings that may have a weight on the other end, so the balloon isn’t lost. Care should be taken when using balloons, though. Before being inflated, they are a choking hazard to small children and pets, though they can reach a diameter of 11 inches when fully inflated. And when these balloons are inflated, they should be kept away from sharp objects and from open flames or heat sources. Too much heat expands the air inside and may pop the balloon.

Foil Balloons

Some balloons are the foil model, made from two foil sheets with their edges fused together. These balloons are usually filled with helium, and they may come in a wider variety of shapes than latex ones, such as circles, squares, hearts, or even numbers or letters. The foil sheets may even have graphics or images printed onto them before they are inflated, such as “happy birthday” or “get well soon”. These balloons can be bought in a package, or they can be bought already inflated and held on a string at a grocery store. These foil balloons may last for a few days until they deflate as the helium leaks out, and the deflated balloon can be discarded safely.

Where to Use Balloons

These are cheap and convenient decorations for all kinds of occasions, such as birthday parties or an outdoor charity event or even a bridal shower or a baby shower. Kids may enjoy colorful balloons at their birthday parties, which may be filled with air and taped onto the walls or the backs of chairs. A foil “happy birthday” balloon may be there, too. These air-filled latex balloons can even form a ball pit on the floor.

A bridal shower or baby shower is another great time decorate a room, and they may be pink, white, or similar colors to fit the decor. There could also be a thematic foil balloon at a baby shower, such as “it’s a girl!” or “it’s a boy!” Meanwhile, foil balloons with messages are also popular gifts for hospital patients, along with fruits baskets or flowers. Finally, air filled latex balloons are a staple for senior high school proms. A ceiling-mounted cage holds them until they are manually released, and the dancers may enjoy thousands of balloons festively scattered everywhere.

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