Casinos For More Than Just Money

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Casinos. The word conjures to mind activities that are illicit or a certain decadence that is associated with great and luxurious parties for the wealthy and the famous. But casinos can be more than that. They can be places where people get together for activities that are enriching peoples’ lives rather than take away from their pocketbooks.

There are many statistics about casinos, most of which have to do with gambling. But keeping in mind with the gaming part of the casino, there are many other aspects as well, which will be covered later in the article. For now, take a look at the gambling statistics and understand that this generally takes money away from customers than give it.

  • There are 462 commercial casinos operating in the United States.
  • Commercial casinos in the U.S. generate up to $5,200,000,000 in annual state tax revenue.
  • More than 60% of American adults have gambled on some activity in the last 12 months.
  • The American Casino and Gambling Industry has a net worth $240 billion.
  • The average California gambler is more likely to have graduated college and to earn a $500,000 annual income.
  • As of 2018, up to 48 states have some form of legal gambling.
  • In a recent survey, 20% of California gamblers reported gambling at least once a month.
  • Approximately 10% of California gamblers gamble once a week.
  • Worldwide, the Casino and Gambling Industry is forecasted to reach a net worth of $511 billion in 2019.

None of these statistics in any way is trying to make the act of gambling anything more than what it is, which is a temporary pleasurable feeling combined with possible regret in the end. And there are more important parts of the casino as well, which gain less attention than the gambling aspect of it. For instance, there are the shows.

There are many great shows in casinos all around the country. Some of the shows have well-seasoned performers, such as singers and songwriters. Many of them have some of the best DJs, many of whom have cut their teeth performing live shows in Las Vegas and in other locations. There are options for enjoyment aside from gambling.

Then there are the fundraisers. Casinos are great places to hold fundraisers, even for church groups and youth groups. Casinos offer a large amount of space and a large amount of rooms for people to use. They offer the opportunity to raise large sums of money in a place where people may be more inclined to give it away.

The staff at many of these casinos is helpful and knowledgeable as well. They are friendly and can help or assist a fundraising team in utilizing the space or giving them whatever they need. The staff makes many of these events possible. They help those in need. They give support when they can. They are friendly and helpful.

Casinos are great places to have fundraising events because the atmosphere is very lively. The liveliness of the atmosphere goes back to the casino being a place to have fun and let a little loose, which is helpful in today’s rigid age. This liveliness allows fundraisers to solicit more donations from people in the casinos.

Because this is an article about casinos and has mentioned gambling as part of the article, it is important to note that gambling is not highlighted in any way that would deem it appropriate for anyone to do illegally or perhaps healthily at all. Gambling can cause many problems and can bankrupt many lives if not done responsibly.

This article is in no way condoning gambling as a good thing.

Casinos, however, are more than just about money. They are about atmosphere and ambiance, an ability to see shows and participate in fundraisers while enjoying a break from work or family responsibilities. They are great places to hang out, have a good time, get a good meal, have a good drink, and more.

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