Wine Is A Classic That’s Never Stopped Trending How To Choose The Right Variety For Your Shelf

We all have unique preferences when it comes to a good buzz.

Some turn to their favorite summer shandy to kick off the new season. Others prefer to craft a vodka mixture in the comfort of their own home. Should you find your tastes leaning closer to wine, you’re in luck. There are many delicious varieties on the market just waiting to become an irreplaceable part of your weekend, from white French wine to the smooth Italian red wines that are some of the most iconic around. For those that are completely new to what constitutes a quality wine, never fear. Every great journey starts with a single step.

Before you buy Barolo wine for your shelf, learn more about this classic drink and why it’s remained firm in the hearts of so many.

You likely already know wine has been around for a long time. …But how long? Wine was first discovered over 6,000 years ago in the Middle East, with its influence still spread throughout ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. It’s not just a delicious drink that goes great with a savory dinner. It’s a cultural landmark that has been recreated countless times in oil paintings, high literature and song. Today it’s a preferred alcoholic beverage for many, with some turning to Barolo wines exclusively and others bouncing between light beers and white wines depending on the season.

Today’s wine industry is doing quite well. Studies have shown the total alcoholic beverage sales in the United States are priced at nearly $220 billion, with total American wine sales reaching an impressive $60 billion back in 2017. All in all? Industry predictions expect wine retail sails to increase by 11% by 2020, which includes all varieties and additional accessories such as wine racks and glasses. California continues to reign supreme as the leading crafter of wine, responsible for over 90% of all American wine production.

An important fact to learn about wine before you buy Barolo wine from your store of choice is that it’s quite good for your health. Recent research has shown drinking two glasses of wine a day is linked to a nearly 20% drop in a person’s risk of an early death. How does that work, exactly? Wine’s strong alcoholic properties are ideal for lowering your blood pressure, balancing out your heartrate and providing healthy antioxidants, all of which do wonders for staving off deadly diseases such as heart failure. While you should be careful not to drink too much, a cup or two really does go a long way.

You may be a little at a loss when it comes to choosing the right wine to round out your cupboard. Should you invest in a fine white wine or will Italian red wines be more your style? When it comes to American wine lovers, the top choice is red at nearly 40%, followed by white at 30%. Yet more are fond of rosé, popular both for its lighter finish and brilliant color. A Harris Poll also found that women generally choose wine over beer as their favorite alcoholic beverage, with over 45% stating wine to be their top choice for a good, hearty buzz.

Back in 2016 over 900 million gallons of wine were consumed. When going out to buy Barolo wine there are a few things to keep in mind. Barolo wine is considered one of Italy’s finest varieties, unparalleled for its rich flavor and smooth finish. Red wine is wonderful on its own or paired with food, particularly a hearty dinner or savory snack to bring out its flavor. With over 9,500 wineries in the United States to choose from, you’ll have more than enough options as you learn what truly gets your palette talking.

Ready to buy Barolo wine? You may just fall in love with a new favorite this year.

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