Cricut Iron-On Tutorial for Beginners

If you are the crafty type, making your own shirts is probably natural. Making your own shirts is a fun way to express yourself and show what you’re passionate about. With the method of iron on vinyl cricut, it’s easy to iron on any design you want onto any material. When using vinyl polymers, you need to understand the process of iron on vinyl and how it works.

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For heat transfer vinyl, instead of using the traditional paint and press method, you’re using heat to make the design stick onto the material. The first step to take though is creating your design. You can use any design material you have available to make something you’ll love. Once you have that design, you need to print it out so that you can transfer the design onto the material. The reason heat transfer works so well when getting this design to last is that you are almost pressing the design into the material using that iron on method, which results in a design that likely won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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