Gemstone Lighting Explained

In this video, you will learn about the southwest lighting option. Lighting on a house is a staple point. It is what people see first on your house at night. For some people, this is an aspect of their home that they will spend tons of money on.

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Depending on your budget you may want to consider some options over others. Gemstone lights are beautiful. They have LED bulbs and can change to any color that you want. They can change to any pattern. You also get them in a customized color to match your siding. They rest on there, making them virtually invisible. Where you place them on your house will be entirely up to you. All of the tracks on the lights are straight. Putting them on curved edges is challenging. White houses pop really nicely with these LED lights. Light reflects really well of this. The wires are going to go up the downspout and through the tracks. Make sure there is an adequate power supply. These lights will take up a lot of power. If you are needing more information, keep watching the rest of this video.

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