Cut Costs at Your Wedding Reception With this Simple Venue

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Are you currently planning a wedding? If you haven’t even started thinking about a budget, you might want to know that the average cost of a wedding in 2012 was $26,951! While not all weddings will run you this high, finding short cuts in one or more areas can help you to keep the cost of your wedding down, but still ensure your celebration is as wonderful as the ones that are much more expensive.

If you are considering a wedding in the warmer months, a great way to cut venue costs is to throw your wedding reception in the theme of a “backyard party”. These types of events typically use wedding tents rather than a brick and mortar venue, and encourage an outdoor, relaxed atmosphere. Before you panic, no, it is not a camping tent. Tent rentals for weddings are large, open tents that can fit hundreds of people, depending on the size. You can then utilize table renting, wedding linen rentals, and outdoor dance floor rental to create the perfect outdoor party.

Using tent rentals for weddings helps you to cut the dreaded “Venue fee” that is typically associated with booking your wedding at a certain location. Not only do you pay for the time spent at the venue, but there are several additional charges on top of the per plate fee, which is where you will typically find you spend the most money. Tent rentals for weddings can still look elegant and expensive, without actually breaking your bank.

While it may not be an ideal option for everyone, using a tent instead of a typical venue can help you to cut costs in the long run. Research several companies before picking one, as you can find the best deals if you shop around. For more information see this.

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