Four Questions You Need to Ask When Choosing a Video Production Company

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Video marketing content is quickly becoming the de facto way for businesses and brands to reach consumers on the web.

It might be the fact that video for SEO gets 267% more links on average than ordinary SEO content — or the fact that approximately 34% of online consumers will be more likely to make a purchase after watching marketing videos.

Whatever the reason, video marketing is now the standard for successful Internet marketing. That’s why it’s more important than ever to work with the best video production company that can create web-ready video content to represent your brand.

To make your search for the right production company easier, be sure to ask these four questions to all prospective video production companies:

Does your company’s culture fit that of my brand?

Video production companies are creatively-driven, and their workplace cultures — and the types of content they produce — vary widely. If you want your brand to be portrayed as accurately as possible to the end consumer, choose a production company with similar values and ideals as that of your business.

What are some of your current and former clients?

A good way to see how successful a video production company is is to look at a list of the clients they’ve worked with. Asking to view a portfolio of their previous video content is also helpful as well. This will give you a good look at what the company’s services can do for your business.

Do you track each video to see how well it’s doing?

An important part of using videos as an online marketing tool is tracking their analytics — such as views, the length that each user watches the video and click-through rate — to see if the video is effective at generating traffic and engaging consumers. If a video production company doesn’t track this data, you’ll be putting videos on the Internet with no way to tell how well they’re doing.

Do your prices fit my business’ budget?

With any business, pricing is a consideration that needs to be made while choosing a video production company. Pick a price level that fits your budget — but try not to aim too low, as quality can decrease along with price.

What are some other things that need to be asked while choosing a video production firm? Share with us in the comments below. For more information see this.

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