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Celebrities give us a source of entertainment to follow on a daily basis. They allow us to forget about our own lives, and follow the many events of their rich and famous lives. Celebrity news becomes an important filler of our days. They also can act as role models. The black community, for example has many highly sought after and desirable role models that provide a great example for youth. With so many high achievements and accomplishments, they make great role models for children of all races.

Black celebrities include Floyd Mayweather, Oprah, Will Smith, Jay Z, Beyonce, Tyra Banks and President Obama. Each of these leaders in the community has set the path for their skill sets. They have changed the way music and politics are and make great role models for the youth of the black communities. Current news stories that consistently portray the accomplishments of these leaders encourage motivation and following your dreams.

Black Entertainment Television is a TV station that is dedicated to the current news of our favorite black celebrities. It is similar to your favorite black gossip site, except that it often contains more reputable and newsworthy information. Black Entertainment Television (BET) is viewed in more than 90 million homes worldwide. As of 2010, it was the most prominent television network targeting young black American audiences and was the leading provider of black American cultural and entertainment based programming.

Stations like BET are much more than black celeb gossip. Although many stories surrounding current news are gossip based, couples dating, breakups and divorces, arrests and disputes among celebrities, these stations and current news tend to focus on the celeb news that is more positive. It is important to provide today?s black youth with entertainment news that is both entertaining and encouraging.

These types of stations may also be important for the types of product that are used by today?s black youth. When a celebrity chooses to endorse a brand and star in multiple commercials for that brand, they are encouraging others, especially the youth to purchase that item. It is important for celebrities to carefully select the items that they want to endorse with their name and image. The same idea goes for endorsing political or social events that are current in the news. Celebrity induced support for causes tend to be higher among 18 to 36 year olds (27%) than older Americans. Only 10% of mature peoples (68 plus), claim to support a cause due to a celebrities actions.

There are more than 45 million African Americans living in the U.S., according to Census Bureau data. That is about 15% of the nation?s population. People are always looking for positive ways to encourage America?s youth to become educated, motivated and informed. Stations and current news sites like BET provide this needed education, motivation and information for this large percentage of the black community. The black youth of America are more likely to idolize and follow in the steps of fellow black Americans.

America loves to follow celebrities. We love to follow their negative events, including divorce and breakups. We also like to follow their accomplishments and awards. Celebrities can act as great role models, especially for the youth of our country. They show dedication, motivation and success. Stations like BET are important to portray the influential and successful black role models. Black leaders like President Obama, Beyonce and Oprah Winfrey are important role models to the youth of the country.

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