3 Great Ways to Discover New Music That You’ll Love

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“Music was way better in my day,” said everyone, ever. That’s not the case, actually. Music taste, which is extremely subjective, was great back in the day, is great right now and will surely be great in the future. The only problem with people “back in the day” and, sadly, the majority of people now, is that they aren’t searching for new music.

Not just brand new, just released music, but “new” as in never have those sounds ever graced the listener’s ears. Too many people rely just on one radio station, a handful of CDs they bought when they were 16 and whatever music their parents tell them to not listen to.

The great part about today and from here on out, there has never been more amazing music out there that can be easily accessible. You can go on the Internet and find any song you want. The key is to just open your mind a little, don’t just stay stuck in the tiny musical world that far too many people are in. Expand your music taste and you’ll learn to appreciate life much more.

Here are a few great ways to find excellent new music:

Finding New Music With YouTube and Social Media

One of the easiest ways to find great new music that was never available to “better in my day” guy is the Internet. Finding new music with YouTube and social media is easy and you can get lost for hours discovering a whole new world of musical greatness. You can take a look at various YouTube musician channels, discover who you like the best, listen to their music over and over again, and then repeat the process and discover another new band or artist. Follow your favorite music on Twitter or Instagram as well and you can even see who they follow to see what type of music they actually listen to. Finding new music online is easier than ever and all those excellent tunes are just waiting to blow you away.

Read Music Reviews

If you’re not sure where to start when you try finding new music with YouTube and other online sources, read a few reviews. It’s important to read reviews from publications and writers that you trust, otherwise you’re getting your taste from people that you don’t like which can mess up all kinds of things. But if you’re on the fence about giving an artist a shot or not, check out some album, song concert or overall reviews of that musician.

Listen to Openers

Another great way to find new music that you’ll love is to pay attention to who is opening for your favorite musicians. They aren’t going to have someone totally unlike them open for them. They’re going to have up-and-coming artists with plenty of talent get the show started for them. Give thesis bands and artists a shot because they could very well end up being your next favorite band.

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