Ideas For Corporate Theme Parties

Party planning ideas

It’s that time of year again — time for the company party or fundraiser. Why not try to spice it up a little bit this year by introducing a party theme Yo and your co-workers can get dressed up and finally have a chance to let loose. There are hundred of options for theme party ideas when it comes to corporate event planning, and of course, your choice will have a space and concept in mind. For a little creative party planning inspiration, check out these ideas below:

Casino Party Night
Who doesn’t love to game for candies? There is nothing more fun than dressing up to spend an evening playing casino games with your co-workers at a casino night party, and enjoy casino themed foods and drinks, too. Indeed, about 40 million people play poker regularly, so you are bound to find out that at least one of the people you interact with on a daily basis is a real shark. There are 1,511 casinos in the United States, and more than 36.7 million people visit Las Vegas every year — it’s time to bring the casinos to you.

Take the whole company back to the 1920s, turn up the jazz, and keep the moonshine a’flowing. In a way, the flapper and speakeasy theme is a kind of a variation of the casino theme, except with better music and clothes. Embrace it wholeheartedly for your corporate theme parties.

Celebrate cultural diversity and all of the unique ethnicities of your co-workers. It is a great way to get to know each other and where you came from. A variety of food, decorations, and party favors can make it seem like you are on a corporate vacation, not at a corporate theme party. The picture opportunities will also be great.

Whatever the theme, make sure that you stay on top of things by creating a party planning checklist. Are there enough drinks and food for the adults? If there are kids, is there a hired sitter to keep an eye on them? Corporate event planning doesn’t have to be a headache as long as you stay organized.

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