From his signature look and fashion choices to his seemingly never-ending string of unforgettable hits, Elvis Presley was — and continues to be — one of the most important artists in pop and rock’n’roll music. Yet many people today don’t realize just how much of an impact he had during his lifetime — and the […]

Planning a trip to Hawaii’s most populous island? There are many types of guided tours in Oahu that will entertain adults and children alike. Tour Pearl Harbor and visit the many sights the area has to offer. Different types of package tours include different features of the Pearl Harbor memorial. The USS Arizona Memorial is […]

Let’s admit it, all of us definitely secretly love to dance in the privacy of our own bedrooms. But why just there? Nobody should be embarrassed of dancing, especially when it is proven to have a number of benefits on the body and mind. Nobody said that you have to be a perfect ballerina. Dancing, […]

Native American weapons can be grouped into five classifications: * Striking, such as stone and wooden clubs, hatchet and tomahawk * Cutting, such as knives * Piercing, such as spears, lances, bows and arrows, and atlatl * Defensive, such as shields * Symbolic, such as medicine shields Some of the Native American weapons that were […]

Elvis Presley may have died almost 40 years ago, but his music and legacy continues to live on in a large way today. Millions of people around the world still listen to his albums and go to authentic Elvis-inspired performances to celebrate his impact on popular music. But do you know as much as you […]

If you’re stuck trying to brainstorm things to do this weekend, it’s likely that you know what your area has to offer. You know the best restaurants to visit, you know which bars and nightclubs you prefer, and you know for a fact that there is no concert or event in your area that you’re […]

Summertime means a lot of things, but it often means that its time for an outdoor party–whether it’s a backyard party of close friends or to commemorate a recent graduation. You may find that party rentals, and tent rentals in particular, can be really helpful. They can contribute to a festive environment while keeping the […]

Renting a party bus can be a fun way to show a loved one or your friends what a fun loving and easy going person you are. Prom bus rentals is a great way for the under aged to have a fun time and feel like grown ups for the night. A party bus can […]