Tips for How to Set Up a Corporate Event

Company party themes

A corporate event is a way for members of an office to get together and have a great night. These events let employees get to know each other more and are great for team building. If you’ve been tasked with setting up this event, you might feel overwhelmed. Knowing how to set up a corporate event becomes an easier task when broken down into steps. In this post, you will learn how to set up a corporate event that your office will love.

What Venues are Best for a Corporate Event?

There are many corporate event venues to choose from. However, knowing more about certain party criteria will help you narrow down your options. The first consideration to think about is the party budget. You don’t want to find yourself sinking all of the party budget into a venue. The next thing to think about is the size of your office. If this party will be hosting multiple office branches, a large room will likely be needed. Once you’ve found the right venue, you’ll want to book early. A rule of thumb is to try and book a venue six months before you need it.

Which Theme Should I Choose?

You will find that there are many themes for a corporate event. One of the most popular themes to consider is a casino night. Corporate event themes that make use of a casino environment are often a great time. Players at these events don’t have to use real money. A casino themed corporate party is the thrill of Vegas without anyone losing anything but chips. There are a wide array of possible corporate event themes to choose from. However, none may offer as much fun for all involved as a casino night will.

What is Offered at a Casino Night Corporate Event?

A casino is a popular theme for any corporate event. One study found that over 10 million people have played at a casino within the last year. The games at a corporate casino night are very similar to actual casino games. You can also get specific about the theme and chose a casino theme from a certain decade. For example, you could have a casino theme that is set in the 50s. Certain corporate events may need to take an approach that is more modern.

Corporate theme parties with a casino theme often consist of actual blackjack and poker dealers. These dealers are there to help new or inexperienced players learn how to play so they can have fun too. One reason most don’t want to play at a casino is because they might feel intimidated. Office casino nights are meant to fun environments where everyone is included. Not having to worry about losing money helps to ensure everyone feels comfortable playing.

One popular game offered at an office casino night party is poker. Research shows that nearly 40 million people regularly play the game of poker. Another popular casino game is blackjack. This card game involves the player trying to get as close to a card value of 21 as possible. Over 140 countries in the world contain casinos that feature blackjack games.

In closing, there are a few considerations to make when learning how to set up a corporate event. You will want to ensure that the right venue is selected. It is wise to consider the number of guests and budget when choosing a venue. A casino themed party is often a great idea for a corporate event. Casino themed office parties bring the thrill of gambling into an event without any players spending actual money.

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