Tips for Throwing a Great Wedding on a Budget

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A wedding is a celebration of love between two people. Family and friends often gather to observe two people at one of the happiest times in their lives. If there is one thing that could damper a wedding, it is the thought of planning it. If you’re on a budget it is common to feel slightly overwhelmed. Wedding rentals are a great way to start out saving money. If you’re only planning on using specified equipment for your wedding day, renting makes a lot of sense. However, if you follow these upcoming tips, you will save money on your special day.

  • Trim the Guest List: It is understandable that a bride assumes a bigger guest list is best. However, many amateur wedding planners will quickly find a large guest list to be overwhelming for few reasons. The first reason is that with more guests come more costs. For example, let’s say you receive a price of $50 per guest with a limit of 100 guests. If you’re overeager to fill up a guest list, you might find that you’ve gone over your seating limit! Keep costs low with a guest list of treasured friends and family to share this day with you. A handy rule for determining square footage for seating to take the number of guests you have and multiply it times 15.
  • Have Your Reception Outdoors: You will save a lot of money on venues by hosting a reception at your home. If you don’t have a spacious yard, it is possible to find outdoor areas that will work with your situation. In the event you do have to spend on this type of space, the costs will be far lower than a fancy venue. Wedding tents for rent are great for protecting guests during these outdoor receptions. Recent research shows that June is the most common month to get married in. Warmer months are known for potential showers. Wedding tent rentals keep your guests free from any potential storms. If storms are brewing, tents are wedding rentals that guests are often the most thankful for.
  • Make Your Own Invitations: It is commonly thought that wedding invitations must be professionally made. However, innovations in home printing help to ensure professional invitations are made anywhere. Start by finding professional quality paper, most of which is found at a hobby store. Don’t be afraid to look at wedding magazines for invitation ideas. A survey by the Knot found that 14 months is the average wedding engagement length. If you’re looking at a similar timeline, you will have more than enough time to create a homemade invitation.
  • Be Your Own DJ: You don’t have to personally stand behind a stereo and mix tunes all night. However, technology means that even a smartphone can become a library of music for any wedding reception. One area of wedding rentals that is often costly is that of a DJ. Hiring a DJ means additional costs for your wedding that are easily avoided. Consider enlisting the help of a friend or family member to play the role of DJ for your wedding. Chances are, there is a wedding guest that would love to spin tunes into the night. You will save quite a bit of money on wedding rentals through having someone you know DJ.
  • In closing, there are several ways to have a wedding on the cheap. Best of all, these tips don’t mean having to sacrifice any quality on your wedding day. Having a smaller guest list makes further planning more manageable. In addition, fewer guests mean less additional charges for food, drinks, and other wedding amenities. Having a reception outdoors saves from renting an expensive building for a night. Creating your own invitations saves greatly from hiring a professional printing company. Hiring a friend or family member to play DJ saves big versus booking someone to do the same work.

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