What Tools Do You Need for Social Media Management?

When you think of social media, you probably think of posting your vacation pictures and liking other people’s funny tweets. Though this is fundamentally true, there is an entire marketing industry dedicated to social media management. Social media managers schedule media posts out months in advance, looking for trends on when to post to get the most attention. Studying social media patterns is a huge part of the industry, and having an online social media presence is something that countless companies are willing to pay top dollar for.

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So, what tools do these social media professionals use to plan out and make their posts? In this video, we will take a look at a few of them.

First comes your scheduling software. For scheduling out your posts, you can use Later, Hootsuite, and plenty of other alternatives. Depending on how many clients you are posting for, prices range from ten dollars a month to a hundred. Next, Canva allows you to download free templates to make social media posts out of. this interface is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to customize your feed exactly the way you want it. for Facebook and Instagram, Creator Studio allows for convenient cross-platform posting.


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