Why Good Props Matter When You Are Producing a Movie

Often when we think of budgeting for film, theatre, photography, or other creative projects, we forget about the importance of props. Props can be an incredible way to add life and color to a set design, and some props are seen throughout the entire performance or film. In fact, in some kinds of movies props are actually featured more than some of the actors. Choosing the right props can be the difference between a thrillingly realistic production that immerses even the most skeptical audience, and a fake flop that merely mimics reality. Here are some important ways to ensure that your film, photography, or fake movie prop takes center stage.
Finding Fake Money that Looks Real

Oftentimes, films and photos will pay special attention to the transaction of cash, and if the audience is able to tell that the “real” cash is actually a fake movie prop, the financial exchange will totally lose its significance. You want to choose double sided fake money, that resembles real currency even to the most discerning eye. Additionally, you want to be sure that your custom prop money is the correct color and size of a traditional bill, and has the correct weight, so when your protagonist slaps a stack of bills on the table, no one questions that the character means business.

Household Props to Deceive the most Discerning Decorator

When you flip through television channels late at night you might land on some low budget shows. In these performances, the prop money for movies is clearly not real and the furnishings in the home are not either. And while as a viewer you might be willing to tolerate this look in an old classic, today’s viewers want a more authentic experience. Furniture, artwork on the wall, and the kitchen appliances that are in scene need to be real enough that they go unnoticed. When the household props look real the viewer can focus on the actors, the dialogue, and the plot.
Prop houses produced almost 270 types and 2,000 sub-types of movie money between the years 1970 and 2000. They also produce many other props that can help create a scene by establishing both time and place. When it comes to prop money for movies, however, it is important to invest in the best that you can afford. Typically called Hollywood, the U.S. cinema is the oldest film industry in the world, originating more than 121 years ago. It is also the largest film industry worldwide in terms of revenue. The best productions use prop money for movies, as well as any other props, that look realistic.

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