10 Fun Home Design Ideas

Upgrading your home or moving to a new one presents the chance to design it in a fun way that makes you happy. You get to decide where everything goes in order to reflect your style. If you do it well, you will end up with a beautiful and happy home. But if you do not plan well, you may find yourself with fabrics, furniture, and decor pieces clashing, resulting in an overall terrible look. Everyone has an idea of what they want their home to look like. The key is proper planning to not overwhelm your home with a lot of designs. Here are ten fun home design ideas that can help.

Using Instruments as Decor

You do not need to be a rock star or a musical artist to appreciate and enjoy the edgy vibe a musical instrument can bring to your home. Musical instruments like guitars and drums can add special touches to your home without making it look cluttered. One of the creative ways to use instrument decor is as a wall accent. If you do not have a stand for your violins, ukuleles, or guitars, you can arrange them on one wall in order of size or color. Plus, they can help take away the attention from the ductless heating and cooling system if you place them under the AC.

You can also use your musical instruments as storage spaces. If you have an old set of drums, have them flattened on one side and repainted to a color that blends with the theme of your home. You can then pin them on the wall to act as storage for your books, flower pots, or any other home decor. Small vintage brass instruments also make great decor pieces, especially for office tables and nightstands. You can either choose to buy one from a pawn shop or replace the one you have at home. When considering musical instruments as fun home design ideas, try not to use so many as you will end up in a cluttered place. For instance, if your walls already have other forms of decor like art pieces, then one or two guitars will do.

Use Sculptural Elements

No matter the shape or size, a sculptural element will never fail to make a statement in your home. Interior design sculptural elements can be anything, from the gentle curve of the granite furniture to the sharp lines on a coffee table. They are more pronounced, giving your home some drama, character, and interest. Most sculptural furniture incorporates some geometrical aspects in its shape and graphic form to create a distinct look. Beyond furniture, sculptural elements can be incorporated into many things, including how your home is designed. When one thinks of sculptures, what comes to mind are black, grey, or cream marble and stone. However, today you can find colorful sculptures to add a pop of color to a dull space. They also add some texture to your home without making it look and feel cluttered. Do not forget about your outdoor spaces. They can also benefit from some sculptural elements, especially pieces made with durable materials like metal. Adding sculptures to your balcony, garden or patio is a creative way of upgrading your outdoors with some love.

Install Hidden Lighting

Lighting is an essential aspect of every home design. Creative lighting designs can easily change a dull room into a spectacular space by flicking a switch. Most people have been using interesting light fixtures to make a home stand out for the longest time. But if you are looking for a change, you may want to consider hidden lighting. What makes them among fun home design ideas is that you can use them in so many areas. Whether it is the living room, bedroom, or outdoor spaces, for instance, if you have a tray ceiling for your lighting installation, you can combine both a chandelier and ceiling tray-based lighting. Another way to add hidden light is through recessed lights. They are installed in the ceiling, and only the trim ring and lens are exposed. They are affordable, and many homeowners can do the installation themselves. You may want to combine recessed lights with another decorative fixture for a layered lighting effect. Sidelights are another popular type of hidden lighting that can be installed either on the ceiling or the walls. They project light downwards in a unique way, especially when used along your home’s exterior walls.

Add A Dramatic Ceiling in Your House Design

Most people are used to a flat ceiling, which can get boring at times, especially if it is plain. Depending on your taste and preference, if you are building a new home or renovating, you can try some fun home design ideas for your ceiling. How about a painted ceiling instead of the usual white? Using color, moldings, or any other element can transform your ceiling and enhance your space. If you are looking for a vintage feel around your home or even just one room, you can try a pressed tin ceiling. They are available in various sizes and patterns, allowing you to find something that matches your decor. What makes them attractive is how they add some character to a space by drawing your eyes upwards without being overwhelmed or glitzy. If you do not want the reflective effects, you can get pressed tin panels in a matte finish. Alternatively, you can choose plastic tiles which resemble plastic tins but are moisture resistant. Another option you should consider is coffered ceilings. They add some dimensionality to a room and exude some extravagance. When you opt for this design, ensure your ceilings are about 9ft high or more so that the beams do not feel like they are on top of you or overwhelming the house.

Try a Unique Roof Design

Roofs are like the icing on a cake that gives your home some character. Walk around different neighborhoods, and you will see different types of roof designs, whether in slope design or composition. If you are looking for fun home design ideas for your roof, try a Skillion roof. It features a minimalist design and is particularly common with contemporary homes. The roof shape resembles a steep slope, making it ideal for heavily rainy areas. If you want to brighten your home with more natural lighting, ask the roofer to add a skylight when getting roofing service. The simple shape also makes it ideal for anyone that wants to install solar panels.

Another thing you should consider is what type of shingles are ideal for a skillion roof. Asphalt shingle roofs can be used for almost all roof types, including skillion. They are available in a variety of colors and textures and are also reasonably priced.

Blur The Lines Between Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

In the past, outdoor spaces were simply lanes or gardens, while indoor spaces constituted a lounge, a place to eat, and maybe a separate kitchen. Today, one of the fun home design ideas that are being incorporated by a lot of homeowners is creating a seamless continuity from indoors to outdoors to give your home a feel of togetherness. One way to do that is by using large windows to connect your living room to the deck. Not only do large windows make a home feel bigger, but they also make you feel like you are outdoors, even when inside. You may also consider using the same materials for your indoor and the outdoor environment. For instance, ask your deck builders to use the same flooring material for the deck as what has been used inside.

Use Metallic Accents for Your Kitchen

Using metallic accents for your kitchen can make it feel modern and glamorous. Not only do they come with reflective qualities, but they are also durable and easy to clean. You can incorporate many fun home design ideas into your kitchen using metallic accents. Start with the kitchen hardware. If you upgrade the hardware, ask the kitchen cabinet remodelers to find metallic handles that reflect your kitchen theme. For instance, gold and brass handles are perfect for grey cabinetry, and they exude a contemporary feel. Try white cabinetry with silver handles if you are leaning towards a Scandinavian design. If you do not want to settle for only one metal, you can try mixing different metals by adding some copper finishes with nickel and cooler metals like stainless steel. You can incorporate all this in a subtle yet distinct fashion by using bold copper pendants, antiqued bronze pulls, and a stainless-steel backsplash.

Create a Functional Shed

Most people forget that their shed is also part of their home and will often not prioritize it when upgrading a home. However, you can also include building a shed in your fun home design ideas. You can do so much with it, including making it a personal space for working, making music, entertaining friends, or growing plants. Discuss with the shed builders what you want to do with the space to design a shed to meet those needs. It is also important to site your shed in just the right place. You can choose to make it a focal point that you get to see from the main house or a secret getaway for only the family members. If this is space you will be using a lot, make it as functional as possible. That means air conditioner installation, great flooring, proper lighting, etc. To add a bit of character in there, add some artwork. This can range from vintage artifacts, mirrors, retro pottery, birdhouse, hanging plants, and a collection of special items. Do not forget to add some comfy touches like a wicker chair or a bench with cushions.

Make Your Windows Attractive

Fun home design ideas can sometimes be as simple as adding appeal to what you already have. Windows add some aesthetic appeal to your home. They allow natural light to flow into the room and create a great atmosphere with which no artificial lighting can compare. Find creative ways to make them more appealing. For instance, use custom window drapes to beautify large windows. The great thing about drapes is that besides beautifying your windows, they can also be part of your home decor, blending in with the rest of the decorations. You can find a variety of window drapes to suit your home, from light fabrics for summer to warm ones for the winter. If you are not a fan of drapes, consider blinds or shades. Most homeowners prefer them over drapes as they are easily customizable. Bamboo shades have particularly grown in popularity. Do not forget about the exterior parts of a window, as they could also use some TLC. If you do not like how your windows look from the streets, you can paint the trims. Choose colors that blend with the rest of the wall.

Add a Homework Room

Even as you look for fun home design ideas, consider your kids as well. If your kids learn from the house, designing a fun homework room that promotes comfort and encourages productivity is good. You can start by choosing a quiet location with minimal distraction where a lot of people will not be passing by. The room should be equipped with high-speed internet, interactive smartboards, and enough plug-in outlets. Do not forget about proper air quality if you want your children to focus. That means ensuring the AC is working and, if not, getting air conditioner repair services. Make it a pleasing environment through playful colors, enough sunlight, books, tables, educational posters, and well-lit lamps. The good thing about homework rooms is that they can later be repurposed for a home office or a library.

These ten fun home design ideas can come in handy when you want to give your home a facelift. Incorporating some or all of them ensures you end up with a comfortable and unique home that you and your family members will love and enjoy.

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